Collaboration, Efficiency, Innovation.

Rapid technological innovation is changing the world. China and innovative Chinese companies are vital to these advancements.


Marconi is a global IP licensing innovator. Recognizing that advances in technology require advances in how technology is licensed, Marconi fosters novel licensing solutions that simplify access to and support new applications for patented technologies. We operate in a fair, collaborative, efficient and cost-effective way utilizing our unmatched technical and commercial expertise. Together, we can create shared value for the innovation-driven economy.

With its global expertise and insights into intellectual property licensing, Marconi works to ensure that companies can innovate more quickly and incorporate their technology into a wider array of products in new markets around the world.


Marconi has assembled a team of top professionals who connect leading innovators and product manufacturers across different technologies and product areas – resulting in reduced risks and transactional costs for all involved and providing new products sought by consumers in China and around the globe.

Collaborative Model

Marconi’s solutions are collaborative, serving the needs of companies when they are developing new technologies and when they are incorporating existing technologies into new products. Any licensing solution must be a win-win for all involved. Marconi works to provide deep expertise and mutual benefits.


Our solutions provide increased efficiency in solving licensing issues. It’s our mission to support Chinese companies and open a world of opportunities across a range of industries and verticals. By simplifying the way companies access technology, Marconi simplifies the licensing process and accelerates turning exciting technology into valuable products.

Cost Effective For All Parties

And our solutions are cost-effective. Marconi facilitates a better way for licensees and patents owner to solve licensing challenges. Care is taken to accelerate technical evaluations and commercial discussions, thus reducing the transactional costs, and avoid potential problems and conflicts that cost time and money.


Marconi has created several premier solutions for the most advanced technologies. We have the expertise and experience to create others and support companies wherever there is a market need.

Technical capabilities: The Marconi team has deep technical expertise, allowing us to be objective experts to help determine the value of an intellectual property portfolio. Technical experts in the relevant field analyze the assets and portfolios to determine quality, strength and contributions.

Commercial know-how: A knowledge of global policy and markets is fundamental to developing business strategies to best utilize intellectual property. Our solutions help companies determine fair value for technologies and leverage insights of global business dynamics to design agreements that converge across industries, technologies and countries with the goal of creating shared value.

In addition, Marconi provides common services and administrative support to each of our solutions, including legal, finance, human resources, marketing and communications.

Marconi has already created and is supporting industry-leading global platforms representing the very latest technologies:

Avanci provides one-stop access to the essential patented technology that drives connected devices, making the Internet of Things possible. With more than 50 companies as part of its marketplace to date, Avanci makes available a majority of the wireless standard essential patents for licensing by IoT product manufacturers.

Teletry is working with BlackBerry to make a wide array of pioneering smartphone-based technologies available for licensing and use in mobile telecommunication products around the globe.

Velos works with its global, industry-leading partners Blackberry, Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp and Sony to license their standard-essential HEVC patents to create opportunities for companies to use the latest, most advanced video technology in their products that are bigger than any of them could do on their own.

Innovius works with global technology companies to help solve complex licensing challenges through collaboration, providing solutions that benefit all involved and enable shared value.


Marconi and its platforms have unparalleled teams of intellectual property experts. Our executive teams have experience with the world’s leading technology companies, including IP leaders from Ericsson, Foxconn, Google, Motorola, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Nokia and leading law firms. And they have strong relationships with inventors, executives, and officials across geographies and industries.